The spectacular CURE Insurance Arena is the jewel in the massive renaissance that continues to evolve in New Jersey's capital city.

CURE Insurance Arena, one of the premier facilities on the east coast, hosted over 3,000 events and over 8 million people since our opening in 1999. Take a look at the many opportunities listed to see which best suits your needs.

We have programs for businesses both large and small. Through development of a customized marketing package, CURE Insurance Arena can offer high-impact visual advertising and visually effective displays to meet an advertiser's specific marketing agenda. Arena signage, event sponsorships, advertising and promotions are a few ways the CURE Insurance Arena can reach any target audience.

For more Information, contact Andrew Sklarz, Director of Corporate Partnerships at 609-656-3207.

The Arena Offers:

Arena Specifications

  • 8,000+ seats
  • 32 Executive Suites
  • 2 Party Boxes
  • 1,150 Inner Circle Club Seats
  • State-of-the-art sports & entertainment complex
  • Hosts over 160 events annually

Marketing and Promotion Opportunities

Join CURE Insurance Arena to effectively market and promote to as many as 11+ million people within a 50 mile radius, through a wide variety of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities including:

  • Permanent In-Arena Signage
  • Temporary In-Arena Signage
  • State-of-the-art Scoreboard/Video Board
  • Auxiliary Scoreboard
  • Outdoor Marquee Advertising
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Merchandising & Hospitality
  • Turnstile Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Radio & Television Promotions
  • Website Advertising
  • E-blast partner offers
  • Tabling opportunities

Arena Signage

  • State-of-the-art Scoreboard/Video Board
  • Top Panel - Rear illuminated 1' 8" high x 8' 2" wide
  • Center - Rear illuminated 2' 3" high x 9' 7" wide
  • Main Scoreboard/Video Board - Featuring: 30 second video commercials
  • Tri-Ad Panels - Tri-Ad painted & illuminated sign 1' 5" high x 8' 7" wide (panels rotate)
  • Tunnel Signs - One sided, 2' x 4 1/2' sign, located above each hallway exit leading out of the main arena seating bowl.
  • Hanging 2 Sided Signs - Hanging, two sided, 3' x 12" illuminated sign located in a high traffic area of the main Concourse Level
  • Executive Suites - One sided 3' x 8' backlit sign, located immediately above luxury suites at maximum exposure, top of arena.
  • Auxiliary Scoreboard - One sided 3' 2 1/2" high x 4' 2 1/2" wide backlit ad panel located on each end of the two auxiliary scoreboards, located on the two back walls at each end of the arena.
  • Outer Wall - One sided, 6' x 6' backlit sign located against the inside outer wall of the main high foot traffic concession areas.

Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorship is an excellent way for your company to have a presence at the CURE Insurance Arena according to the variety of events that we host each year. Event Sponsorship is a detailed oriented plan that is structured specifically to reach the intended target audience that the particular event will attract. Each of elements included in any sponsorship package is geared towards promoting the individual show which is supported by the sponsors. From traffic driving promotions and on-site displays to hospitality and additional sales related opportunities, event sponsorship is a creative marketing endeavor that allows the client to be in control of their advertising and gain feedback from their participation.